Review Policy

Hi everyone, my name is Randi and I’m a bookaholic! Phew, now that the hard part’s over with we can get down to business.

That you’re even considering asking me to review your book is an absolute honor.

I am more than happy to review books from authors and publishers in exchange for an honest review.

For the most part, I read books with a well-developed love story. Mostly contemporary romance, sometimes even erotica (don’t tell my mom). I enjoy LGBTQIA books on occasion. I don’t typically enjoy paranormal, sci-fi, or historical romances. This is an adult-oriented blog, I do not review YA books.

With that said, I do occasionally journey to other genres assuming there’s a love story somewhere in the book. Happily ever after is a must for me, I’m fine with tears in the middle of the book, but by the end, there needs to be a loving relationship with a reasonable chance of success.

If you have a book with a love story, you think I’ll be interested in please contact me via my contact page or email Please include the following information in your message:

Title and Author of book
Publisher (or self-published if applicable)
Publication Date (and time-frame for posting the review)

Also include answers to the following questions:

Books are not considered without answers to the following questions:

  1. If the characters have sex on the pages, is consent established? I have no problem reading dark romance/ erotica. But let’s call it what it is. I have no tolerance for dubcon or rape masquerading as consensual sex. 
  2. Are there children involved for either character?
  3. Is there a surprise or oops pregnancy?

I am happy to review paperbacks, hardback and Kindle .mobi files. Physical books always end up at the top of the pile, I just enjoy reading them.

Please understand that when I accept a book to review, I have every intention of reviewing it but it’s not a guarantee. This blog is a hobby that sometimes has to take a backseat to my full-time job and ‘real’ life which means there may be situations where a book doesn’t get reviewed on time, or at all.

Thanks so much for considering me and I hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, and if by some chance you like my review enough to quote it … please do. All I ask is that you attribute the quote to Randi at and maybe let me know so I can get excited about it and brag to everyone I know.

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