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Fight – Paige Hill – Blog Tour

In Fight we meet Teagan and Declan, to people with tragic pasts looking to find their happily ever after.

4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance

FIGHT by Paige Hill

Publication Date:  June 1, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Enticing Journey
Length: 215 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 4/ 5
Romance Rating: 3/5


Fate has kicked my ass from day one.

My name is Teagan Langford and I grew up in the system. Just another child neglect case, crossing a cluttered desk. For a small window of time, I thought fate had taken mercy on me when the future District Attorney swept me off my feet. From the outside looking in, we have the perfect life. The reality however, is my personal nightmare.

One violent night, fate forces me to make a choice and I must run to survive. With no money, food or place to live, I search for work where cash is king, and questions won’t be asked.

Once again, fate drops me in the hands of a handsome bartender who wants to help me. But everyone has secrets. Ones that have the potential to destroy everything.

A fugitive on the run, one determined stalker, an undercover agent and a high-profile family with a lot to lose.
Suddenly, I find myself fighting for life, love and freedom.

4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance

Rant First

Let’s talk about infertility! I’m not even going to ask, I have enough friends to know how common, deeply personal and absolutely soul destroying this matter is. I also know how difficult it is to talk about and how minimizing people’s reactions can be.

Infertility is a legitimate medical issue and I think it’s terribly insensitive and quite offensive when authors romanticize it. This book intorduced the concept of infertility to facilitate condomless sex, didn’t mention it for most of the book, and concluded with a pregnancy and a message of true love conquers all, including infertility. She didn’t get pregnant with her abusive ex because he was the wrong guy…

When push comes to shove the story itself was good. But, and this is a big but, it was riddled with outdated ideas of family and what a woman’s role should be. Pregnancy is only one of many paths to a family. In this day and age, a family is one of many paths to happily ever after.

If an author is going to attempt to tackle the topic of infertility, I think they would be well served to think outside the box of “OMG it’s a miracle she conceived.” If I wanted to read about improbable pregnancies, I would download one of the mpreg romances that have been showing up in my inbox lately.

This ruined the book for me but, it was a tiny part of the story. Although, I won’t be recommending this book to anyone, I will try my best to review it as though that didn’t happen.

Alright, I’ll Review the Book Now

Resilience is pretty much my favorite word in the English language. It describes an individuals capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. I love stories that show me people overcoming adversity, transitioning from victim to survivor.

At its essence, this is a story of resilience. Teagan was in such a horrible place. Her husband a prominent lawyer from a political family, they have a large house; he doesn’t expect her to work, she’s dressed in the best clothing. From the outside, she has a perfect life.

Behind closed doors, her life is a nightmare. Her husband is controlling, and abusive. He doesn’t allow her to have friends or leave the house. I was right there with Teagan as the author allowed us to experience the horrors of her past. There are graphic depictions of physical and sexual violence. While I don’t typically enjoy reading about those things, it was necessary to establish that empathy. It made me more tolerant of her antics later on in the book.

Declan is also the product of a traumatic past. His story is heartbreaking, I wanted him to be happy. He was a great hero. He was caring and protective, what more can a person ask for?

Fight was full of drama and tension, it was a very engaging read. I often found myself confused by Teagan’s actions. She seems to tell her story to everyone who asks. I’m not saying she shouldn’t, just that it seems a pretty private thing to share with a stranger. Declan did the same thing, almost immediately telling Teagan something he had told no one before.

Their relationship was very insta-lovey. Which felt manufactured. I would have loved to see them learn to trust each other, truths accidentally coming out, long conversations where they realize how much they care about each other. Instead, we get Declan and Teagan falling in love hours after she leaves her husband. For the duration of their courtship, she seems to cry ALL THE TIME. Crying seems to be her default response to everything. I have to wonder if someone who can’t go a whole morning without bursting into tears is in the right emotional state to be in a relationship. I think she would have benefited from some intensive therapy.

This book was full of convenient coincidences and loose ends. But if I don’t look at it too hard or ask too many questions, it’s a good read. It almost seems the author bit off more than she could chew. The book deals with domestic violence, then we have an attempted sexual assault, not to mention the added drama of an undercover officer, human trafficking, a drug cartel, stalking, threats, nightmares, attachment issues… While they are all valuable story lines on their own, I’m not sure they all worked together, it just felt like too much at once.

Overall, Fight was an engaging read that touched on some important issues. People who enjoy reading women’s fiction will enjoy this.

If you enjoy books like this you might enjoy No Angel and  No Pain, No Gain.

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4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance   4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance   4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance

4 Stars Blog Tour Review  romantic suspense Paige Hill Fight domestic violence contemporary romance


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