Ball Buster – Kara Sheridan – Book Review

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BALL BUSTER by Kara Sheridan

Publication Date:  May 15, 2018
Publisher:  Forever Yours
Genre: Romance (apparently)
Source: NetGalley
Length: 344 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 2/ 5
Romance Rating: 0/5

Playbook Rule #1: Never ever give up
It’s official. The Alabama Warriors have the worst reputation in pro football. As the team’s captain, Carson Savage has his ass on the line and – thanks to a leaked photo – his ass is also online. Now the team is getting an image makeover from Sadie Reynolds, the hottest redhead in the South and Carson’s high school sweetheart. Maybe making a play for his sexy ex is a risky move… but Carson didn’t make it this far by playing it safe.
Alabama is the last place in the world Sadie wants to be. Going home again only reminds her of what – and who – she gave up. Seeing the insanely hot ex she never quite forgot is dangerous. Carson’s too sexy. Too tempting. And Sadie can’t afford to go out of bounds. So she’ll do whatever it takes to finish this job and leave town with her heart still intact. The only problem? Carson’s decided it’s not about winning the game… it’s about winning the girl.

This is some cover, huh? Pink is my favorite color, so the pink text sold me on this one. That’s where this book got its first star.

All my self-help books say I should start this off with a positive. After reading this, I want to tell them all to go fuck themselves. Perhaps I should review those because they obviously aren’t working.

Firstly, authors can write about ANYTHING in the world. Their imagination is the only limit. So with all that choice how did we still ended up with the outdated she’s just playing hard to get, isn’t it cute trope?

The first third of the book is her asking him to respect her personal space, to respect her boundaries, not to call her kitty cat and him saying I know you like it.

Frankly, this entire trope romanticizes a huge issue in our society. It does a disservice to anyone who struggles to say no or assert themselves, anyone who had their boundaries pushed, anyone who has felt like they had to accept bad behavior. That’s not ok.

The second third of the book is her trampling all over his boundaries and requests for privacy – because it will be good for her career. But it’s ok becuase, true love or something like that…

I couldn’t buy into the relationship, neither party seemed to respect the other. With that said, I could call it realistic. There are a lot of unhealthy relationships in the world. I don’t think either character set out to behave badly, they likely just didn’t know better. However I certainly wouldn’t be adding #relationshipgoals to anything about this book. I can’t say I liked either character, but for the whole book I felt like they both deserved better.

The writing was engaging; I enjoyed getting to know the football team. I liked Carson, he would be a great book-acquaintance, but not my ideal choice for a book-boyfriend or even friend. Sadie was super unlikable. She was whiny and her default response to everything was to run away.

I was prepared to give this book 3 stars because I understand it was my issues that kept me from enjoying this one. Then I got to the ending.

Had the book ended after chapter 29, I would have been more than happy to leave it at 3 stars and forget this whole thing ever happened.

But, I couldn’t be so lucky. There is one ending I passionately hate. I screen for it. I ask about it in my review policy and when I request a book I screen through the early reviews to see if there is any mention of it. So imagine my surprise…

Overall, Ball Buster was everything I try to avoid in a book. I have to say that’s an impressive feat. I didn’t enjoy it and It simply wasn’t a good fit for me. However, I’m sure many people will enjoy the flirting and uhm surprise at the end.

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Review  What did I just read? sports romance romance Kara Sheridan football contemporary romance Ball Buster


Review  What did I just read? sports romance romance Kara Sheridan football contemporary romance Ball Buster


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