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Adrian’s Scar – Martin Delacroix – Book Review

In Adrian’s Scar, we meet Adrian and Kai. Can they find a way to make their relationship work?

4 Stars Review  short story romance MM Romance contemporary romance Adrian's Scar

ADRIAN’S SCAR by Martin Delacroix

Publication Date:  May 14, 2018
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Genre: LGBT, Romance
Length: 84 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 4/ 5
Romance Rating: 3/5

Hey everyone! This ebook was kindly provided by the author/publisher via Netgalley prior to release in exchange for my honest review.


After Kai Olsen’s “perfect lover” dies in a cycling accident, Kai takes a part-time job teaching at a community college to fill his empty evenings. When Kai’s student, Adrian Knox, shows an interest in Kai, their lives quickly change. Adrian is dominated by his controlling mother, Kai can’t stop obsessing over his lost lover, and school policy says faculty members can’t date students. Does love between Kai and Adrian stand a chance?


This book is super short, only about 16 000 words, which is absolutely perfect for a quick summer time read. However, it took me a full two days to read this because: 1) I laughed so hard at some parts I had to stop reading, and 2) The story left me with A LOT of embrrassing questions, I needed answered before I continued.

The biggest lesson I got from this book is that boys are really weird!

I’m lucky enough to have a couple men in my life that I can go to with all my super embarassing questions, they find it endearing. Well, in this case, they found it hilarious. But I understand that some people have more boundaries than I do, so I’m going to share everything I learned. Mostly because I learned a whole lot and it would be a shame to let all this information go to waste!

If you ever find yourself itching for a super awkward conversation, send the following email to your hubby and a former boyfriend. It will be so-much-fun, trust me!

4 Stars Review  short story romance MM Romance contemporary romance Adrian's Scar

If anyone is wondering there is apparently an entire section of the BroCode dealing with men’s bathroom etiquette.

I’m told it includes things like:

Thou shall not peek at another man’s penis. (Even if they do, that’s way too much detail for a casual glance).

Thou shall not utilize the urinal right next to somebody if an alternative is available. Apparently, they call this a ‘gap urinal.’ Who knew?

See, so much useful information that I’ll never have the opportunity to use.

Let’s move on, shall we?

There was a lot I liked about this book.

The author touched upon several important issues:

  • Coming out to religious family members
  • Living with a disability (Adrian only has one arm)
  • Being in a relationship with someone who is still processing the loss of their partner
  • There are underlying themes of accepting yourself and others

While I appreciated all those things, I feel the book was too short to look at any of them in any detail.

The steamy scenes were hillariously poorly written. I don’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did while trying to read these sex scenes. I even made myself a handy word document with my favorite parts in case I ever find myself needing a good laugh.

These steamy scenes make up about half of the book, so I’m going to include some of the less explicit highlights so you know what you’re getting if you read this.

“We kissed like a couple of middle school kids.” Who the heck brags about a kiss like that? When I think back to my middle school kisses there were braces and banging noses, not to mention the very important question of ‘where do I put my hands’…

I tickle his nuts and they move about in their sac. They are living sensitive things.

“His cock wagged.”

While funny, there were a few concerning bits. However, my limit is one incredibly embarrassing email per lifetime, so if you decide to try anything you read in this book at home be careful. A few things sounded somewhat risky.

Overall, while I’m sure this isn’t what the author was going for, Adrien’s Scar was the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. I have to give it 4 stars because it made me laugh so much.

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4 Stars Review  short story romance MM Romance contemporary romance Adrian's Scar   4 Stars Review  short story romance MM Romance contemporary romance Adrian's Scar

4 Stars Review  short story romance MM Romance contemporary romance Adrian's Scar


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