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In Silken Kisses by Laci Paige, we meet Mona and Steven. A couple whos going through some problems in the bedroom. Let’s watch as they do a little sole searching and figure out what they both need in the relationship.

Review  Tamsen Parker Stacy Borel Silken Kisses romance On the Brink of Passion Laci Paige erotica Cutter book review book blog

Publication Date:  March 27th 2014
Publisher:  Season Publishing
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Length: 236 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 4/ 5
Romance Rating: 5/5

Hey everyone! This ebook was kindly provided by the author/publisher via Netgalley  in exchange for my honest review.


Mona and Steven thought they were satisfied with their relationship but as they explore the world of BDSM, Steven begins having problems. Mona believes him to still be pining after his ex-girlfriend but Steven knows that his feelings for Mona are real, unlike what he had before.

It takes friends of theirs to force them to face their issues, and not in the way they had thought. Will they be able to adapt or is the relationship doomed? Maybe it will take someone else to show them what they’re missing.


When I first opened the book I was like, I don’t know if this is for me. Then I was like oh, husband. Get naked! We’re trying something new tonight. This wasn’t my typical cup of tea, but sometimes it’s good to change things up, right?

The cover is gorgeous, as soon as I saw it, I needed  to know more. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But the last few books I’ve read have been a little cookie cutter and boring. I needed something different – an author I’m not familiar with and a book about BDSM.

I was nervous going into this. When I read, I relate to the characters; I see myself in their shoes and I worried this might get darker than I’m comfortable with. However, I had no reason to worry. In fact, although some scenes weren’t things I would be comfortable trying myself (the broom closet for example) I was struck by the level of caring and trust the characters extended to each other.

If you’ve read my other reviews, you might have realized by now how important emotional intimacy is for me. I’m all for a good sexy scene but I need to believe the characters are enjoying it, otherwise it’s just awkward. This book brings the emotional connection I need to see. Not only that, but it brought it in a way I haven’t seen before.

Laci Paige gave us a very honest look at a problem many people have in the bedroom. She gave us a solution, many people would think is too taboo to even consider. While at the same time making sure I as a reader could relate to the characters to such an extent that had I been in those situations, I’m sure I would have made the same choices. Not an easy thing to do.

I love books featuring a strong female. At first I wasn’t expecting Mona to be so strong but by the end she found herself and it was remarkable to watch that transformation. I didn’t relate to Steven as much as I wanted to however, Mona more than made up for it.

There was one thing I didn’t like about this book and that’s why I’ve given it 4 stars instead of 5. Mona tells Steven she once dated another female. Steven decides he needs time alone to process the information, Mona starts worring about how he’ll see her now. It feels strange for a book that deals with the BDSM subculture, which from my limited understanding is overwhelmingly accepting of all genders, body types and sexual orientations, to act like being bisexual or gay is anything other than normal much less something to be ashamed of.

I should also probably mention Silken Kisses is the third book in a series. I didn’t read the first two, and I was still able to follow the story pretty easily. It seemes the characters over lap but the story itself can be read as a stand-alone.

Silken Kisses is a well-written, engaging read that I would recommend to everybody but my mom.

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Review  Tamsen Parker Stacy Borel Silken Kisses romance On the Brink of Passion Laci Paige erotica Cutter book review book blog


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Review  Tamsen Parker Stacy Borel Silken Kisses romance On the Brink of Passion Laci Paige erotica Cutter book review book blog


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