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Well, I just finished reading Watching Mine by Alex Grayson and, oh my gosh, what can I possibly say about this book? Nathan and Emberleigh were such an amazingly adorable couple. They both had their own struggles but came together (figuratively and literally) in such a wonderful way. Get ready to fall in love with Nathan and Emberleigh.

Review  Watching Mine The Upside to Being Single Sariah Wilson review Emma Hart book review Alex Grayson #starstruck   WATCHING MINE by Alex Grayson

Publication Date: January 19, 2018
Source: Purchase
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Length: 184 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 5/ 5
Romance Rating: 4/5


My name is Nathan Reines… and I’m a voyeur. Yes, I like to watch people have sex. Witnessing the desire on their faces as they writhe in pleasure makes my blood hotter than the hottest flame. There’s nothing more erotic than seeing their bodies tighten and tremble as they balance on the edge of ecstasy. It makes my dick as hard as fucking steel.

I’ve never been tempted to have a lasting relationship with a woman—why get involved when watching from the sidelines is so fucking hot? But from the first time I watched the woman in the apartment across from mine, I knew she was different. She teases me with her soft touches and gentle caresses. She tempts me with her silent moans and sexy whimpers. She excites me, and makes me want more than I ever have before.

For two years, I refused to give in to my curiosity. That is, until fate took things in her own twisted hands. Now that I know what it’s like to experience Emberleigh in the flesh, there’s no damn way I could ever go back to simply watching.


First things first! The cover is amazing. It’s not often you see a cover that so perfectly captures the story.

All right, now for the good stuff. This book is a steamy as it is engaging. It was unique and refreshing, I never knew what was coming next, there were so many unexpected twists.

I had every expectation of going into this story hating Nathan, thinking he was a stalker. Now, I have no idea how Ms. Grayson managed it because it shouldn’t have been possible, but I fell in love with the guy. The words creepy and stalker barely even crossed my mind while I was reading about him. I was even routing for him; I hope she’s not angry when she finds out. 

Emberleigh was such a likable character. I fell in love with Nathan, but she could have been me or anyone of my friends. Hard working, dark secrets, ambitious, she could be anyone. Which made the story that much more interesting. More than anything I wanted to see her happy after everything she went through she deserves that much.

As a couple Nathan and Emberleigh have undeniable chemistry. It was adorable watching this couple fall in love. Seeing Nathan interact with Avery is so endearing. The level of trust Emberleigh extends to him is incredible. It’s amazing to watch as he helps push her boundaries. He gives her the opportunity to live out her fantasies and try things she wouldn’t have even considered on her own or with anyone else.

This was my first time reading anything by Alex Grayson but it won’t be the last. Although I read this book as a standalone it looks like it’s part of a series. Which mean’s I not have to fight the temptation to put aside my to-read pile and read these books first. Here are the other two books in the series, Always Wanting (Abby and Colt’s story) and Bare Yourself (Tegan and Willow’s story). If you’re anywhere near as engaged in this story as I am, you will want to read these book too.

The story was hot, really hot! There were several steamy situations I hadn’t considered before reading this book.

This was a quick and dirty read. Once I started, I knew I wasn’t going to put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something hot and adventurous.

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Review  Watching Mine The Upside to Being Single Sariah Wilson review Emma Hart book review Alex Grayson #starstruck

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Review  Watching Mine The Upside to Being Single Sariah Wilson review Emma Hart book review Alex Grayson #starstruck

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Review  Watching Mine The Upside to Being Single Sariah Wilson review Emma Hart book review Alex Grayson #starstruck


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